Copyright Teknovideo - Tutti i diritti riservati 1970 Year of birth of Teknovideo as well as authorized service center for assistance Regional SEI owner of the Bologna Brand Sinudyne and importer for the brand Nordmende and Orion. The continuous search for improvement has led us to support you in that detenevamo until the day of the closure of the historic Ozzano Emilia also the Philips brand we've worked with over a decade acquiring the high quality standards that once required the Dutch house. 1996 Thomson, Telefunken, Nordmende, Saba all that TCE brands for over 15 years have marked record of the market at a national level. 2004 years when he started working with extend, leading companies in the extension of warranty for the products of consumer electronics. For ANOVO, another European leader in after-guarantee we were one of the main collaborators at national level with a yearly average of 800 interventions developed in all the provinces of the region for all brands on the market (SHARP PANASONIC PHILIPS AND SAMSUNG etc. ..) , a considerable effort in organization and logistics that only a dynamic and versatile company like ours can boast, unfortunately the failure of ANOVO Italy in the early days of 2012 brought an end to the employment relationship. 2005 we added an additional contract with the General Trading, in the dark (video and audio) and white (Microwave ovens) following assistance for brands Schaub Lorenz Nikkey and then finished in 2012 due to change in the organization service. 2007, the evolution has led us to complete the range of our brands with LG Electronics, a leading brand in audio video ever on the world market, covering one of the most extensive nationwide, more than 15240 km square and developing the function of pilot center for the provinces of Asti and Cuneo through two peripheral centers dependent on our direction. 2011 LG authorized service center which activation of small appliances, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners. 2013 activation which also repair center for the mobile industry, mobile phones, smartphones and tablet .. 2014 transfer to new premises in the course orbassano 224/18, against the current market trends, we decided to grow in scope and services The absolute ability to report our welcome customers, has meant that we can work closely with those responsible for care of the top dealers on the market, Mediamarket (Mediaword and Saturn), Euronics, Snapfish and Unieuro, Fnac and chain large retailers such as Carrefour, Auchan, Mercatone, Bennet, Darty. We work closely with local agencies for various brands, this allows us to keep a high priority cases. We are consultants and repair tools for audio and video used for professional SCIENTIFIC POLICE OF TURIN. By asking the quality targets, it was decided to reduce the amount in favor of quality, so in 2009 we decided to close existing relationships for 6 years with the City of Turin, for which we performed repairs AUDIO and VIDEO and at the same time reducing the range of official marks . This choice albeit challenging in terms of investment has allowed us to concentrate with the utmost commitment to the brand LG, brand of which we deeply believe. The excellent KPI achieved has allowed us to be recognized as one of the 6 most important centers of assistance at the national level. Orbassano 224 interno 18 - 10137 - Torino  - Telefono  011352667       0113299412